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Tom Wegner

Cannabis Wars Author

In a new lecture, Tom Wegner, author of Cannabis Wars, and winner of the Global Books Award, reveals shocking revelations about the unimaginable consequences of cannabis laws on the health and environment of all of us, and the dangers that are degenerating the world into a health and ecological catastrophe – because of one small plant.

The surprising lecture reveals data and studies that the public has never been exposed to, and draws an unimaginable map of the “butterfly effect”; caused by the cannabis laws – Starting with a fatal blow to democracy and public trust in the system, through the creation of new diseases, the death of tens of millions of people around the world, the creation of a centralized and corrupt economy that enslaves the small citizen, all the way to global warming which is a clear threat to the existence of humanity.

Why is cannabis illegal in most countries when alcohol and cigarettes are sold in stores? Why is medical cannabis treatment denied from patients who need it? Can a change in cannabis laws solve the global oil crisis, and who does our body belong to anyway? Why is a book that answers these questions banned from publication on all social networks, and even on Telegram?

Tom answers all these questions and many more – this lecture will leave you stunned!

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